Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

happytune bought me Life on Mars Season 1 on DVD, which was lovely. I'm getting more out of it than I did from the first run through on TV (because the first few episodes I was still reserving judgement). Also it is more saturated in significators than I noticed first time round, and there is a lot of mirroring between the first couple of episodes of the first season and the last couple of episodes of the last season. For instance Sam cuts his thumb, and feels the pain, which makes him re-evaluate what it means to be in an illusion. And when Gene pretends to call Hyde he asks to speak to 'the Wizard of Oz', because it's Frank Morgan, the actor who played the Wizard of Oz. Sorry, probably all this is well known to those who have been watching with attention. Also, damn it's more slashy than I remember. Or, what, do you think it's just my imagination? Damn.
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