Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Hypnotherapy on the telly

Sunday night's episode of Dalziel and Pascoe featured Richard E Grant as an evil hypnotherapist. Well, probably not as evil as he initially appeared, and I suspect his innocent-seeming girlfriend is the murderer (just a guess - final episode next week). I thought the portrayal of hypnotherapy techniques was fairly accurate. What was missing was the initial observation that a therapist would do before launching into the technique, but the Grant character was supposed to be a stage magician and one of their tricks is to perform that assessment covertly, and the other hypnotherapist was obviously Up to No Good so she may have been stalking Dalziel for some time.

There was also a suburban coven, a familiar theme in crime drama, and the portrayal of ritual magic was probably a bit more iffy, but then again, anybody can practice whatever magic they like can't they?

'I can call spirits from the vasty deep'
'Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them?'
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