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I thought this Doctor Who episode, the Lazarus Experiment, was jolly good. It was pretty much drenched with references to other stuff, and it made me feel quite thrilled and excited. I do so hope they continue to ease back on the explicit and keep it all innuendo and poetry and repression - after all we are British and it's much more interesting that way. My best thing in Doctor Who is where it makes everyday life seem an adventure.

It was by the writer of the recent Wide Sargasso Sea, and the director of the Life on Mars 'IRA' and 'Wife Swap' episodes.

I think the trailer at the end had extracts from several different future episodes, but it gave me a massive thrill. I wished they had let Jacobi play Shakespeare, though I suppose he's too old now. It has to be treated like a big deal, and then it is a big deal. And John Simm - he will be a great Time Lord.
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