Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Sunshine again

I've been thinking a bit about 'Sunshine', the SF film by Danny Boyle. I think when it went wrong it was because they didn't explain the mechanisms of some important events clearly enough in advance. That was what made me feel it was over-edited.

At times they did it right. For instance the first scene where the computer says 'I can let you see the sun at 13% strength for four seconds without irreversible damage to your eyes'. Brilliant - it makes you respect the sunlight. And one of my favourite scenes was the guy having to climb repeatedly back into the freezing cold coolant tank - that was very well foreshadowed by an earlier scene where a different man put his arm for a few seconds into the tank and screamed with pain. On the other hand I think they could have explained a bit more carefully how the whole cooling tank thing worked.

And the whole last scene with detonating the bomb, and the plunge into the sun. What was going on there? How did he detonate it? How could we tell when he had to do it, and whether he was just in time, or too late or what? I wonder if that's because important stuff got edited out?

Anyway, the guy who had to climb back into the coolant tank was Chris Evans (this one not not this one) who played Mace, a very attractive character, and was the best thing in the film IMHO.
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