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May 1st, 2007

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04:56 pm - The Bangkok variations
"Here's a little thing that's gonna please ya/ Just a little town down in Indonesia"

When I was a teenager my favourite song was 'Bangkok' by Alex Chilton. Cos it's way hot.

Alex isn't on Youtube and you have to pay to download the music thing (only 19 cents though) but here are two cover versions I found for free

The Nomads

The Dum-Dum Boys (warning - french rock band)

Those are both quite tough versions; in the original Alex sounds like he's fainting.

I know Bangkok isn't in Indonesia

Here's a little thing that's gonna please ya
Just a little town down in Indonesia

Two slanty eyed men lyin' in bed
One got his Mauser, the other said

Makin' love the Japanese way
Learned aggressively in Hong Kong

Marga-ret Tru-deau, Jackie O.
Madame Nhu and Brigitte Bardot

I'm not livin' on Chinese rocks

Here's a revision that's kinda minor
It's just a little town down in Indochina


And here's Alex when he was about 16, cute as anything, look a bit like Syd Barrett.

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