Communicator (communicator) wrote,

More than just a read through

The second best scene in any movie, according to me, is the moment in Galaxy Quest where 'Captain Kirk' (I forget the name of both the character and the actor - Buzz Lightyear anyway) suddenly realises that he isn't in a play, he's in outer space.

He had thought he was reading fan fiction, in a surprisingly well-appointed garage. But he was actually on an alien space ship. Oops.

He swanks off the bridge, and says something along the lines of 'send me home'. So they open the roof - BAM - Welcome to the Galaxy, Monkey-man.

I love it because it embodies the situation we are all in, and which art must remind us of. Hey - Wake up monkey man - you live in a very big thing, and there isn't a script. That's the real realism. SF is more realistic than conventional literature. Hello! Earth to Communicator! Houston, do you read?

You will note of course that the Chillis expressed it so much better than I can, in the track which I can't stop using for my headers.
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