Communicator (communicator) wrote,

'the PC madness that is blighting modern Britain'

via srk1 the Daily Mail presents Political Correctness Gone MAD

Including such terrible blights as:

Between BBC programmes, three men in red perform pirouettes in their wheelchairs, challenging our prejudices about what it means to be disabled. Yes, OK, we get the worthy message. But is it really something we need to have rammed down our throats every time we are sitting innocently at home watching telly?

Yeah, that's really blighting my life. And as for the way political correctness has ruined Christmas...

Tinsel? 'Tear it down, it's a fire hazard.' The office party? 'Have you got a license for that?' Send Christmas cards? 'Blatant discrimination against those of minority faiths.' Festive street lights? 'Only if they say Merry Winterval.' Aaaargh!

OH, right, that explains why last year there were no Christmas decorations, no parties, nobody sent any Christmas cards or wished each other Merry Christmas, and all the tinsel was torn down as a fire hazard. I wondered.

Nice to see that some British people spend their lives in a bubble of unreality as impervious as that which encloses the nutters who set up 'Conservapedia'.
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