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The best bit

Reading the reviews of Kill Bill has reminded me of the best moment in any film ever (according to me). I find it almost impossible to think of 'my favourite film' or 'my top ten films', but is is easy to think of my favourite moment in film. It's in Pulp Fiction when Butch turns back at the door of the shop.

You probably remember that Butch and Marsellus Wallace were trying to kill each other, when they were captured.

Butch manages to escape from the hell hole. Then, at the door, he realises that Marsellus is still down there, being raped, and facing torutre and death. He turns, and goes back into hell, to save his enemy.

What a moment that is. My heart was thrashing in my chest, and I thought I would burst. Even on repeated viewing it hits the spot.

In some ways the scene that follows is a bit of a disappointment. I wish Butch had gone down into the cellar with something more industrial and destructive than a Samurai sword, and I wish he had ripped the rapists to bits. However, that would have denied us the classic phrase 'I'm gonna get mediaeval on his ass'.

I am reluctant to pick other scenes from the same film in my 'favourite ever' scenes, but I do dearly love the dance sequence, and the very final shot, where John T and Samuel J walk out in their hawaiian shirts. Not sure why, but that is a superb moment.

Can Kill Bill even begin to take us up there? I only hope so.

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