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The monologues was a good experience, and I'm glad I've done it. The people who performed were fantastic.

gfk88 did a monologue by Spike ('I may be Love's Bitch, but at least I am man enough to admit it')
katlinel was River, threatening Early ('River isn't on Serenity, River has become Serenity').
teawith gave a lovely rendition of Vila talking back to his captors in 'City at the Edge of the World' ('Too much walking is bad for you, you know')
i_smell_shite performed a rant by Davros about inventing the Daleks ('With the Daleks, I will have that Power!')
iainjcoleman delivered a splendid extract from Lord of the Rings ('And the King rode out on Snowmane')
tlanti adapted the Choose Life speech from Trainspotting ('Choose a fandom, choose a DVD box set')

and there were several others. They were all triumphant. Every person went way beyond the words on the page. I got tingles up my arms listening to them, and I hope people in the audience did too.

I probably wouldn't do it again, because it is very stressful and demanding. But I'm very glad I did it. I'm not sure I was quite up to the job, but the team pulled it off.
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