Communicator (communicator) wrote,

'I just threw up in my mouth a little.'

The stupidest thing I have seen for ages: Conservapedia. I know wikipedia has big-time faults, but there's nothing like a right wing attempt to subvert a flawed institution to make the heart grow fonder (see: NHS, BBC, Secular Humanism, taxes).

Here is conservapedia's list of what is wrong with wikipedia. Those heathen devils sometimes use British spelling! And use CE instead of AD dating! 'facts against the theory of evolution are almost immediately censored'!

But this is the best objection to wikipedia, which I suspect may have been introduced by a liberal with a sly sense of humour, though it can be hard to distinguish parody from idiocy:

In breton "wiki" means liberal, and "pedia" means bias. The founders of wikipedia were celtic.

jomacmouse draws our attention to the conservapedia definition of Australia.

Australians did not have agriculture until the Europeans arrived... Many Australians do not believe in God. This explains why Australia is such a disgusting and immoral country.

ETA - like its bigger rival, entries are subject to change, and I think this one has already changed since I linked to it. See edit history.
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