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Hot Fuzz

I went to see Hot Fuzz last night, and I really enjoyed it. I must tell you that some other people on my f-list didn't like it. Putting my critical hat on, perhaps it was slightly slow, and it wasn't ground breaking or you know, uplifting in an artistic way. Perhaps lacking the adrenaline inherent in the Shaun of the dead premise. But I laughed all the way through and I had a super fun time. Simon Pegg likes the same films I do, and it's fun for me to spot 'Oh, that's a scene from Southern Comfort' and I guess that's not something everyone enjoys - but it made me laugh with delight. And that isn't of course the only thing that's going on.

The film 'Point break' is a key reference - directed by a woman of course, and full of homoerotic tension. Which Pegg can't leave alone can he? I know he is R/L friends with Nick Frost, but it seems strange to me that in every film and TV show they are in, Frost has an unrequited pash for him. What is that like for the two of them - obviously perfectly comfy - it would feel strange to me. First film I have seen which uses the word ''slash" in the fannish sense (Timothy Dalton vamping Pegg 'Well, hellooo. You'd better arrest me officer, I'm the neighbourhood slasher'.)

In general I like the way Pegg is happy to make himself a sort of sexy focus to his films, while also being quite plain and a bit of a twat. I mean, I think it works. And more generally, I like the celebration of ordinary looking English types. I kept expecting some gorgeous guys and gals to waltz in and justify/reward the heroes but they never did. Hurrah. It was twats all the way down. Some lovely Brit cameo actors: Jim Broadbent, Stuart Wilson, David Threlfall, Billie Whitelaw, Edward Woodward.

So, that's what you get. I liked it, and it cheered me up no end.

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