Communicator (communicator) wrote,

He's right up for it

Well, tonight's the night that the second season of 'Life on Mars' begins. And to celebrate I had a dream where I made Sam Tyler cry. For goodness sake!

Hilarious interview with Philip Glenister here.

Has anything changed for Gene Hunt since the first series?

He's become far more politically incorrect.

Oh good.

Yes, he's hit new realms of depravity. They do give me some good lines, it has to be said.

I see there are some swingers in the new series, and wife-swapping. How does Hunt react to that?

He's right up for it. It's like an extension of the TV show Mr & Mrs to him; as he says, it's Derek Batey on acid. We go undercover and under the covers.

Apparently, you're now a pin-up in lots of police stations.

To paraphrase Helen Mirren, I don't think they've fallen in love with me; they've fallen in lust with Gene Hunt.
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