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The head is not more native to the heart

Nick has remined us that tomorrow is National Poetry Day, and this seems as good a moment as any to share a poem. I've posted poems by other people a few times, but I thought I might show you something I did myself.

I kind of based this on the feel of old-English poetry.

1 - Each line is divided into two sections, with a pause (caesura) between them
2 - Each half of the line can have as many syllables as you like, but only two stressed sylables

I know real old english poetry has more complex rules than these BTW, but those are the ones I decided to adopt. I'm also trying to convey the idea that opposites combine into a new whole, so there is a third rule, which I invented.

3- You can read the poem two ways. You can read the right hand and left hand sides as two separate verses, and the third verse is read across each line in the conventional way. The three verses are complementary. Hopefully the final reading is the most optimistic.

BTW - and finally - I wrote the poem that follows twenty years ago. Don't be too harsh.

I hope this comes out OK in terms of layout. Ideally the left hand column should be left-justifed, and the right column right-justified.

after posting this, I found it didn't lay out properly, so I've put dots in to represent the caesura

The Head is not more native to the Heart

The blood blossom ... I came to know
Pumping darkness ... through these devices
Sets the limits .... of my solitude
I can't see ... where is my companion
with no face ... I can't think
with no speech ... when I am alone
with no mind ... except my flesh

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