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Now try Black pudding and Stilton

Lists, lovely lists. But this time - British food! An American girl living in Scotland samples the delights of British Food. She is firm but fair - Irn Bru and Branston Pickle get the thumbs up, while Marmite defeats her. But that's what we expect Marmite to do. It's like the Shibboleth of food. Incidentally I had Marmite on French Bread this morning for breakfast. Vive La Difference.

Bold = love
Italic = loathe
ordinary = in moderation
crossed out = never had it
(these are my opinions not the American girl's)

* Crumpets
* Piccalilli
* Marmite
* Branston Pickle

* Scotch Pies
* Yorkshire Pudding
* Sticky Toffee Pudding

* Cornish Pasties
* Jamaica Ginger Cake
* Jelly
* Flapjacks
* Bubble and Squeak

* Chocolate Spread
* Lemon Curd
* Smarties
* Haggis
* Custard
* Spotted Dick
* Pickled Onions
* British Hot Dogs
* Lucozade
* Selkirk Bannock
* Christmas Pudding
* Jaffa Cakes
* Scotch Dumpling
* Mushy Peas
* Toad In the Hole

* Scotch eggs
* Oatcakes
* Irn Bru

My favourite on this list - Bubble and Squeak. I made that this weekend out of sprouts, broccoli, a little savoy cabbage and some big potatoes. It's about the only kind of vegetables that everyone in the family will pile onto their plates in massive mounds. I like it with HP sauce (which - hey - she hasn't included).
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