Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Watching TV with my eyes closed

I didn't much like any TV over Christmas. Doctor Who was OK, but didn't thrill me. Fight Club Torchwood was, well, a bit meh. My sister's boyfriend watched it with me. 'There's a bit of a homoerotic subtext in this scene isn't there?... Oh, in this scene too... And this one.' The Ruby in the Smoke was the best thing I saw: I thought Julie Waters was brilliant as Mrs Holland, but the ending was silly and rushed. I thought Dracula with Mark Warren was, well, again OK, though I see that many on my friends list detested it.

But what I enjoyed most was what happened after everyone left (I'd been keeping 18 people fed and boozed up!) I fell asleep in front of the fire, with The Hound of the Baskervilles on TV. It was the most luxurious feeling, waking up from time to time to see the moors and the fog, and Holmes solving the case, and then drifting back off to sleep again. One of the most enjoyable Telly experiences for months, and I was mostly unconscious.
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