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I couldn't sleep last night so I put the TV on. Only at 3am with nothing else to do would I watch the second half of a Torchwood episode (the one about the 1940s plane). Imagine my shock when I realised that, hang on, this is quite good. Quite touching actually. Captain Jack's bad acting is reaching Paul Darrow levels of camp grandeur (this is high praise). The only character I have liked (in the scraps of previous episode I have seen) is Owen. Unlike the others his acting seems to make you complicit in his feelings, almost like shame. I've always thought he seems ugly and obnoxious but quite sexy, and I thought his sex scene in this was erotic and meaningful. In fact I'd just switched the TV on and it was like - yow! this is good.

ETA - I see there is a consensus developing on lj that this was a good ep. I might try and catch some others.
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