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Left and right hands of reason

Ken McLeod is ranting about SF again. He doesn't rate 'The Dispossessed' (which I actually like a lot)

What SF is fundamentally about is not the Individual versus Society, or Society versus Society, but humanity in the universe.SF needn't thereby lose in human relevance and universality, because the situation it posits is both objectively true and universal to the human being, as a knowing subject confronting a knowable object.

And I was thinking KM's phrase (underlined) is almost the textbook expression of an ENTJ person approaching the world with aggressive confidence, and how many male SF writers must be ENTJ. I think of them as the right hand of reason.

As an ENTP, the left hand of reason, I prefer to read about the 'questioning subject confronting the tantalisingly unknowable object'. But I agree, like I said before, that inter-personal matters, within a context which is mappable on to our own, are not the be-all and end-all of fiction.

But also that Ursula Le Guin is a better writer, and produces more challenging fiction IMHO than any of the right hand of reason crowd.

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