Communicator (communicator) wrote,

hardware failure

Ah, the day I begin my two week break from work, my home computer dies. I am typing this on H's laptop, and my computer is in the shop being rebuilt. it's good for me I'm sure to be forced to interact with - you know - the real world, while excluded from the pretend one. I'm going to buy a christmas tree tomorrow and get the house sorted.

I've just been asked to write a manual to a handheld computer of some kind. I think it's a guide to the management system. I don't go looking for writing commissions but every now and then I get one via a friend. This one is supposed to be finished by the end of january, so I should be able to ask for reasonable money.

But more importantly, I get the hardware for free. I assume it has a web connection, so perhaps I'll be able to use that in future if my computer breaks again.

BTW I want to buy my son a wii - are they impossible to get though? I don't know anything about that kind of thing.
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