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Political values matrix thing

I tried a version of the political compass test called the moral matrix.

I was -3 on 'Moral Order' and 6 on 'Moral Rules' which makes me (apparently) an International Socialist: 'collectivist in values and anti-hierarchy in means to an end'.

Moral Order: 'The Moral Order dimension defines your view of the world's order: It measures whether you believe certain things have moral authority over others. It ranks notions such as God, race, humans, nature, men, women, lifestyles... You can visualize your personal moral order as a ladder where items with the most moral authority appear on the higher steps and those with the least authority appear on the lower steps. People on the right of the Moral Matrix have a structured moral order (i.e. many steps on their moral ladder). People on the left of the Moral Matrix have a flat moral order (i.e. few steps on their moral ladder).'

Moral Rules: 'The Moral Rules dimension defines your view of the world's rules. It measures which actions you believe individuals should be rewarded for in society. It defines whether you believe that society should primarily reward actions that benefit society as a whole first (and individual members eventually) or reward actions that benefits each member first (and society eventually). People on the top of the Moral Matrix believe that society and each of its members benefit the most if the priority is given to collective initiatives. People on the bottom of the Moral Matrix believe that society and each of its members benefit the most if the priority is given to individual initiatives.'

International Socialism: 'International Socialism is a moderate form of Economic Socialism. It sits half-way between the collectivist views of Communism and the acceptance of Capitalism by the Social-Democratie. This position translates into stronger support for social programs, state ownership (nationalized industries), unions, and goverment intervention (industry regulation) than one typically sees in social-democracy. International Socialists, however, stop short of wishing to realize the proletarian revolution.'

here are all the different results you can get

1. Libertarian Socialism
2. Trotskyism
3. International Communism
4. International Socialism
5. Environmentalism
6. Social Democratism
7. Activism
8. Stalinism
9. Fascism
10. National Communism
11. National Socialism
12. Social Republicanism
13. Nationalism
14. Ultra Capitalism
15. Fundamentalism
16. Capital Republicanism
17. Conservative NeoLiberalism
18. PaleoConservatism
19. Ultra Liberalism
20. Libertarian Capitalism
21. Capital Democratism
22. Progressive NeoLiberalism
23. Progressivism

And just because I couldn't resist it, here is the other thing I found today - an old-time advert for stretchy underwear. Blimey.
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