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Thank you god, thank you so bloody much

Nick has an amusing rant about the top ten sitcoms list. I too found the inclusion of Seinfeld inexplicable. I find many popular US sitcoms to be absolute dreck, but I suppose this may be cultural. It's not that the situations are unfamiliar to me, it's that they seem so obvious and the jokes so easy to anticipate, that when they come you think 'why did you bother?'.

I can't bear 'Friends' or 'Sex and the City' for the same reason. I've sat down to watch them innumerable times, thinking 'I should give this a chance' and I have to switch them off within a few minutes. Now Bilko and the Simpsons are absolutely brilliant, and the cultural chasm doesn't seem to be a problem. Futurama would be another example, though it's not on the list.

My top ten live-action sitcoms

Fawlty Towers
Blackadder (esp. IV)
Red Dwarf
Father Ted
Black Books
Reginald Perrin
Dad's Army
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