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"the biggest mexican I ever saw"

I hadn't seen a good film for *months*. The nearest to 'good' over the summer was Pirates of the Caribbean, which was OK. And then I've seen two good films this week. I already raved about 'Spirited Away' and now I'm going to recommend 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' by Robert Rodriguez.

Summary: A bit confused and overblown but funny, violent, and stylish. Jonny Depp brilliant - better than in 'Pirates'(and bear in mind I don't fancy him so I'm not drooling here).

Now Antonio Banderas - his role was underwritten compared to 'Desperado' but his screen presence was powerful. They call El Mariachi 'the biggest Mexican you ever saw', though as Cheech Marin says 'He must be five ten tops'. But the way Rodriguez structured the shots made him *seem* big, and sullen and imposing. Like the angel of death. Very sexy.

Depp on the other hand was framed to make him seem very small. He's a rogue CIA operative. I can't explain about his character properly without spoilers, but the main thing you need to know is that virtually every line is explicitly about his dick, or a double-entendre about his dick. Once you cotton on to this it's very funny, and bizarrely poignant. For example he meets every major character in a succession of Mexican restaurants, where he always orders the same dish, and ends up exhorting each one to 'eat his pork'. Hmmm... somehow the poignancy and humour of this gets lost in my description. There are many much better lines than this, but they come across even worse in writing so I'd better leave it alone.

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