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I'm flagging this up before I forget, though I wish I had time to say more. Two long and discursive posts well worth reading by all SF fans on artistic merit, what makes SF worth writing and reading, and the relations between SF book and other media.

Lou Anders here

(NB - thanks to Talvalin for pointing out I've gone too fast here, and the next is a quote from Kathryn Rusch, quoted by Landers)

Is current SF writing influenced by Star Wars? No, not nearly enough. We need more grand adventure, more heroes on journeys, more uplifting (if not downright happy) endings.... We earn (shelf space) by telling stories, some of them old faithfuls that the fans like to read, the things that have been published before. We earn it by entertaining. We earn it by creating characters as memorable as Luke and Han and Darth Vader.

ianmcdonald here

Let me say, if that's the highest I can aspire to if everything I have ever hoped for or dreamed of attaining, how I dared to touch hearts and minds, is measured against that; then the only morally consistent action I can take is for me to give up writing. I would never set paper to printer again if I thought that.

I do part company with many SF fans (including the adorable 'Spaced' crew) on the merits of Star Wars, which I always found a bit disappointing. Except for Han Solo. He was hot.

Hey - here's a quote from Paul J McCauley (also quite hot IMHO)

Science fiction doesn’t have a job - it’s too busy hanging out on street corners, trying to look tough and knowing, cracking wise and dissing passing scientists: ‘Yo, Hawking! See this? See what I did to your fuzzy black hole my man? You like that?’

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