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Return of Loadsamoney

I wouldn't be surprised if the Tories get in next time. The mass of millions and millions of people who were happy to vote for Thatcher still exist. They want to believe they can get nice things and other people will get the pain. People who deserve it. They got burnt in the early nineties, when the pain started to extend to the middle classes too ('but, this can't be happening to me') and now they think it's safe again. Only the undeserving will suffer. Running an economy looks easy doesn't it?

My best guess is the Tories get in, serve one term, and fuck things up badly. The reason being that the economy can not be run on the principle that currency belongs naturally to one small group, and that its free circulation is 'improvidence'. Gordon Brown's Private Finance Initiative is rubbish, but under the Tories the whole country will be one PFI, channelling resources out of productivity and into the personal spending of a small number of people, and thus ultimately abroad.

Total number of people in absolute poverty cut by 7.1 million to 3.1 million
Pensioners in absolute poverty down by 2.1 million to 700,000
Children in absolute poverty down by 2.4 million to 1.9 million
Figures take housing costs into account

These figures are presented (in that BBC article) as a failure, and they are a failure, in the sense that they should be 0. But what do you think is going to happen when people stop wanting that? When education gets broken on purpose to protect the rich from the threat of the poor? When health care is seen as a good way to make money?

Most of you probably don't remember a time when 'homeless beggars' were one or two alcoholic old men. Under Thatcher homeless teenage prostitutes flooded London, because there was neither work nor benefits for young people. I worked with them as a volunteer, because it was all I could do. I used to see the rich men driving around in their cars by Kings Cross. They'd abolished the local government, they'd abolished subsistence for teenagers, they owned the police. I saw them picking up girls and boys, who had to go along with it because they had to eat. And then those same men (actually, different men of the same political and economic class) going on telly complaining about 'single mothers' and 'homosexuals', with their fat stomachs sticking out.

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