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Lovers of women

I've posted before about the hatred - and if you read the comments below I think you will agree this is not too strong a word - of female sexuality, which IMHO runs like a streak of pus through modern society. A woman in a long term heterosexual relationship, who had raised three children with her partner, wrote in her blog about the difficulty of getting emergency contraception when a condom broke. Really, the anecdote is quite interesting, but I'm not going to go into it, because that isn't my point - you can read it here. It gained quite a bit of bloggy attention at the time, because of the changes in US law coming up to make such contraception more widely available.

Instead I'd like to draw your attention to this follow-up post where she picks out some of the comments she got to the original post. Note this is an middle aged mum they are talking to.

joe: dirty whores like you are sickening.. deal with responsibility you abortion whore.

Anonymous: Insensitive bastard WHORE!

Michael: Logic would indicate that if you didn't want to get pregant you shouldn't have been screwing. You have a CHOICE not to get fucked, right? You're sound as if you were rapped. Sex doesn't happen on accident. You have no self control and now you have to have an abortion or a fourth child. Dumbass.

anonymous: obviously a fat ugly chick who can't get any so has to make up bullshit about "condoms breaking" as though you ever actually get fucked, bitch. hahahahaha

mark: if the condom broke he must've felt it...i reckon he must've known it broke but liked the feeling of your slippery vagina too much.

Anonymous: You should have given the ER a try, you raging slut! lol

Anonymous: Some hambeast managed to trick a lonely schmoe into fucking her, and his gunny-sack breaks. So she piles her jellyrolls into her clown car and zips around town looking for cunt pills.

Anonymous: PWNED!! Here's an idea, don't be such a whore!

White Male: Hey BB, you dirty whore. GET MARRIED YOU FUCKING SLUT.

Anonymous: I don't understand. There was a condom involved, which implies the presence of a penis. What sort of man would fuck a feminist?

Conservative: Haha you whore! Ashamed is how you should feel.

dragoon: Should not have sex outside of marriage it's your fault all this happened. Abrotion is evil... No doubt that you are going to hell. Jesus taught not to kill. FUCK YOU!

Jason: Too all you idiots blathering on here, here's the opinion of an ACTUAL LAWYER: You're a little slutty whore

hebdey1015: you are a dirty, dirty whore; aren't you? WHORE! How much for head, biatch?

It is hard for me to see why heterosexual men hate heterosexual women so much, why they hate sexual expression so much. I am quite sure that if they were standing in front of a real woman, standing in front of me for instance, they would not dare to look me in the eye and speak in that way. I expect some of these men have never had sex, or spoken to a woman.

Note this woman is not a prostitute, or sexually promiscuous. As far as it appears she has had sex with one man, and raised a family with him. Though obviously any woman can make any sexual choices she wants and nobody should be subject to those sorts of insults. It's just that because of this woman's conventional respectability the raw hatred is thrown into very sharp relief.
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