Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Theology is bunk

The Pope criticises Islam for being irrational and enforced by violence, which is a bit unwise, because it makes everyone consider how his religion is exactly the same.

Someone says 'god doesn't want us to eat pork' another person says 'No, god doesn't mind pork but he hates condoms' and you have to think, what the hell are you talking about? How can there be any basis for resolving this dispute except by violence? It's never been resolved in any other way since monopolistic religion got started about 1500 years ago.

No, I'm wrong, there are two other ways in which these disputes get resolved apart from violence. One is that people adopt the religious beliefs of people who have good stuff. The religious beliefs of the people who have access to Penicillin and Small Pox vaccine seem fairly persuasive I would imagine.

Thirdly, and probably right at the back of the list, people adopt theological beliefs that make them feel better. If you have to go to war regularly, then you are attracted to a religion which says you go to heaven from the battlefield. If you are rich you are attracted to a religion which says god supports private property.

That's it, three worldly and pragmatic motives that underly all theological dispute. It's really not in the interests of religious leaders to draw our attention to this.
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