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Green Wing and Afterlife

Greenwing Alan/Boyce video here if you like them, which I do. It's nice that they got it on a few times.

I think all the characters I like on telly are quite horny. Like Boyce, Jayne, Vila. But they aren't misogynist. I don't know why I feel I have to make that qualification - some unstated caution about real life I suppose. However, in some imaginary world we are all equals, powerful, and free. Sometimes it seems as if sex is 'designed' (I mean figuratively) for this imaginary world, and doesn't really fit so well with the real world. Which makes me wonder how the urge evolved, to mate with an equal. I think it might be a left-over from a time when we were equals. It would be nice to think so.

Equality can, excitingly, be based on a balance of power. The new series of afterlife, that I posted about a couple of days ago, is on tonight. The trailers make it look as though they have horror-showed it. That could be good. If something is supposed to be frightening it might as well be petrifying. What I'm hoping is that I can still watch it with the double-vision I discovered for the first series - pretend the ghosts aren't real, and the relationship is much more interesting and transgressive.

Series 1 ended with Alison saying 'Are you my daddy?' to Robert in a silly baby voice and him saying 'I love you more than anyone else'. All this supposedly in a 'seance' which - what? - neutralises it? Means he is talking to his dead child through her? Means she has defeated him?

I hope therefore they don't plump for a definite 'the ghosts are real' (like the new version of Scooby Doo). That seems subversive, but really it's a figleaf over something much more unconventional.

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