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10 unread books I own

From languagehat, who I am sure has no idea I exist, a meme.

Frau Kohlehydrat has sent me a meme, or as the Germans call it ein Stöckchen, or as the Austrians including Frau Kohlehydrat call it, ein Steckerl: to list the ten books that are gathering dust on my shelves because I bought them but haven’t read them.

When I was money-poor and time-rich I always had more reading time than access to books. When I started to get sick around 2002-3 I found it harder to read, never really caught up, and these days I have several unread or partly-read books lurking about the place.

The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen
Fingersmith, Sarah Waters
Atonement, Ian McEwan
Forty Signs of Rain, Kim Stanley Robinson
Dhalgren, Samuel Delaney
Soul Mountain, Gao Xingjian (this is a great book, won the Nobel Prize, but it's very slow and poetic, I pick it up from time to time)
Number9dream, David Mitchell (liked all his others, couldn't get into this one)
The cold six thousand, by James Ellroy (sequel to American Tabloid, one of my favourite books, but a bit impenetrable)
Libra, by Don DeLillo
Vellum, by Hal Duncan

ETA which of these do you think I should put to the top of the 'read this' pile?
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