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"The name I really like and haven't told my husband yet is Aemezolina Mercedes"

This is quite funny. It's a compilation of daft emails to baby-naming lists over the past two or three years. With mean and sarcastic commentary.

Unique baby names are fun and unique baby names can be created in several ways. The ways to make a unique baby name is only limited by your imagination.

Anagrams: To create an anagram of an existing name, take the tile letters from the game Scabble (sic) and combine them in different ways.

Telescoping: Drop letters from a word until you find a baby name that is suitable. Kahlil Gibran can be changed to Kabran. Schuyler can become Sky.

It hardly needs satirising does it?

I want to call my daughter Catatonia Calliope. catatonia meaning in a coma and calliope meaning beautiful voice.

Say what??

I did once meet a woman in real life who wanted to call her yet-to-be-born daughter 'Nugent'. I think her partner talked her out of it.

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