Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Another course

I am in a strange position these days. For the first time in almost twenty years I don't have a child who needs looking after. I have always had to eke out my holiday, and split the child care with H, or network with other mums, just to cover the school holidays. Now my children are old enough that they don't need me to be around all the time. As a result I've actually accumulated some spare holiday.

H has offered to pay for me to go on a writing course from the Arvon Foundation. This type of thing has always been out of the question for me, because I've never been able to spare the time.

Have any of you experienced a course like this? Do you think it would be good? The most convenient course is tutored by Toby Litt, whom I've heard of but I've never read anything by him. It's not fully booked yet. Or I could look for another one, perhaps in the new year. What do you think?
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