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can't you just huddle closer together or something?

There have been proposals in Britain to ban mothers from driving their children to school in the morning as such journeys constitute 20% of traffic during 8.30-9am, and hence slow down other drivers.

There is a group of people who feel that they and they alone have a right to exist, and that the existence of other people is an intrusion which needs to be justified in every case. Mothers are only grudgingly tolerated, so long as they do not impede the day to day lives of the child free elite.

Bike riders are seen as an intrusion on the hegemony of the car. edbloghas just told me that when he used to cycle in London, he was deliberately hit (albeit gently) by car drivers in order to intimidate him off the road.

The disabled are treated in the same way. People who can't afford stuff. People who are learning. They get in the way. They just slow us down. Us. The people whose existence doesn't need to be justified.

Anyway, Catherine Bennett has a modest proposal in the Guardian today.

It only remains, then, to lure our plump little parasites and their mothers off the roads where, according to the transport secretary, Alastair Darling, at ten-to-nine in the morning they account for an outrageous one in five of motorists, "and we are all aware of the extra congestion this causes in the rush-hour peak". An "extra", the government has decided, that can no longer be indulged by the remaining four-out-of-five bona fide drivers who may have offices to go to, car parks to attend, new shoes or hairdos to protect: all manner of indispensable missions which can no longer be obstructed by women and children who are too ignorant of commercial considerations - or just too selfish - to appreciate that they take up too much space.

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