Communicator (communicator) wrote,

hypnotherapy course

Well, its been up and down about the follow-up to the hypnotherapy course since the college went bankrupt, but on Monday I got a letter from Sandra, one of the tutors, to say they had set up a temporary 'dummy college' and they were offering two weekends to get us qualified. These would be in Birmingham, in the same premises we used before. The first one starts this Saturday. I have decided to go although there are two reasons I had to think twice.

The first reason is that I'm not sure it's worth finishing the first year course, given that there is no year 2. I feel I need at least another year of training before I would be any good at all.

The second reason is that it clashes with a weekend visit I was planning with about 12 friendly livejournal people. It was hard to make this decision, because I don't see them (you) very often, but I think I have to try to finish this course.

BTW a very kind person sent me a livejournal 'present' which appeared in my profile. I didn't say anything about it at the time because I was too shy. However, it made me happy. Thanks.
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