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Unlikely literary collaborations

judge_death had a very funny post about 'unlikely literary collaborations' ages ago (I meant to post this earlier). For example

Robert Graves & Isaac Asimov – 'I, Robot Claudius'

Kurt Vonnegut & Dennis Norden – 'Laughterhouse Five'

Judy Blume & Georges Simenon – 'Are You There God? It’s Me, Maigret'

And there were some good suggestions in the comments too

Roald Dahl and Alex Garland - 'James and the Giant Beach'

Lemmony Snickett & Swansea Telephone Directory - 'A Series of Unfortunate Evans'

William Shakespeare and George Romero - 'Twelfth Night Of The Living Dead'

Isaac Asimov and Robbie Burns - 'Och, Aye, Robot'

And here are some of mine:

Thomas and Henry Gray - 'Gray's Anatomy in a Country Churchyard'

Arthur C Clark and Richard Burton - 'The 2001 Nights'

Johann Sebastian Bach and Charlotte Bronte - 'Jane Eyre on a G string'

John Keats and Eric Morecombe - 'Ode to a Greek Urn: About ten bob a week'

Can you think of any more?

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