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Film Four has a Studio Ghibli season going on at the moment. Worth looking out for. The films are generally on during the day which is no use to me, but I saw 'My Neighbour Totoro' on Saturday. It's a lovely film about two little girls who move to the countryside while their mum is in hospital, and make friends with a mysterious spirit-creature, which looks a bit like a Pokemon. Actually that gives no indication of how beautiful, moving, and generally classy this film is.

I think these are all worth seeing if you can catch them:

Spirited Away

In my all-time top ten best films, where it sits uneasily among all the death and destruction, this is something like a Japanese Alice in Wonderland, and I love every second of it.

Princess Mononoke

A morally complex fable about industrialisation and civilisation. Packs a massive spiritual punch at the end.

Howl's Moving Castle

An adaptation of a Diana Wynne-Jones book. The most recent, and most diluted, Ghibli film. Four stars rather than five, but has lots of good stuff in it.

Grave of the Fireflies

A teenage boy and his baby sister try to survive after their mother's death in a bombing raid during the 2nd World War. The saddest film I have ever seen. I sobbed for the final hour. I'm distressed remembering it. A very good film, but heart-wringing.

Are there any others you would recommend?
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