Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Good to be back

I had a good holiday in Brittany. We stayed in an area south of Quimper, right by the beach (two places, Kerity and Mousterlin). Wendy Mews, a writer based in Brittany, has descriptions and photos of Brittany in her blog which is worth a visit.

For the last two weeks I walked everywhere I wanted to go - mostly up the beach - didn't hardly get in the car for two weeks. In fact I am growing to detest driving.

In the mean time my niece Brigit had an operation for her hole in the heart and survived. She isn't thriving yet, but we have hopes. My friend Sarah celebrated her civil partnership with her long-term girlfriend. Also my nan went into hospital, at 98 it is to be expected but she is doing OK. I was frustrated at all these things happening while I was too far away to help/join in/support.

I return to a major reorganisation at work. My job is unlikely to be at risk, but on the other hand there might be opportunities for a more self-determining role? I hope so.

I think there is no way that I'll read back over what happened on livejournal, so apologies if I have missed major events.
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