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Sexing The Other

I don't know much about Niall Ferguson's historical theories but I know his theories that we are biologically programmed to be racist are a load of crap. He acknowledges the plain fact that races don't exist within the human species, and if a reactionary like him has given in, then I believe the idea of race is now dead - though it may take a while for this to filter through to the brain-dead.

But he performs a sophisticated rearguard action - race is not a human trait but belief that race exists is. His evidence?

why was this idea so contagious, when so many other theories of heredity declined? In the 20th century, most people stopped believing that power and status should be inherited... Why did people persist in believing that a combination of character traits could be passed from generation to generation?

I'm sorry? Some people in the 19th century in Europe believed some things but others didn't, some people in the 20th century still believed them, while others didn't. And this is evidence that the theory of race is hardwired into the human brain? It's feeble.

A first cousin may actually be preferable as a mate to a wholly unrelated stranger. This makes evolutionary sense... Like attracted like, and continues to; those drawn to "the Other" may be atypical in their sexual predilections.

It always comes down to this sort of garbage. I think many (most?) people are rather attracted to people who look dissimilar to themselves. I don't think this is 'atypical sexual prediliction'. But variation is good, and there are also plenty of people who are attracted to a partner who is like an idealised or reflecting version of themselves. It's all good, and none of it is biologically racist.

Thoughts on this? Do you go for a lover who is similar or different to yourself? Or both. Probably for me both.
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