Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Godiva Free Festival

Every year there is a free festival in Coventry - The Godiva festivall. It's just down the end of our road. Two years ago the headline act was Kasabian. This year they had the Fritellis and Mercury Rev. As they are in a tent you get to hear them whether you go in or not. I was more amused by the smaller acts in the little tents. There was a Hip-Hop tent, I've never seen Hip Hop live before. I saw a troop of Tanzanian acrobats called the Black Eagles, who were very exciting. Some comedians. All good. They have classical music on today. There's also a funfair.

I like the festival, it has all kinds of people, and there's never any trouble that I can see.

I was worried that it wouldn't happen this year, because the Tories have taken over the council in May. I suppose plans were too advanced to cancel. I hope this isn't the last one ever, I've come to take it for granted.
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