Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Face. Bothered?

Final episode of the New Doctor Who season 2: Doomsday

Owed quite a bit to the Subtle Knife didn't it? It even had The Dust. I think it seemed too rushed, but it didn't do anything wildly stupid: gave us some closure, but had to sprint a bit quick to get there. The Rose arc is a bit obvious, but I guess that's what people want.

ETA - on white_hart's journal I saw two good points: 'Identify yourselves' owed a bit to Dad's Army 'What are your names?', 'Don't tell him Pike', 'Pike'. The insults between the two species were a bit like Newman and Baddiel 'History Today' (one of my favourite sketches ever)

Happy to see adorable Catherine Tate at the end.
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