Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Stripping away the political underwear

This is priceless. A pro-creationist article by a disillusioned 'Darwinist'. He explains that at one time he liked the theory of evolution. Because it was meaningful and true? No, because it made him feel important and macho.

Darwinism seemed to offer me and its other male devotees a long-sought tool—resembling the x-ray glasses lamentably found elsewhere only in cartoons—for stripping away the distracting décor of clothing and the political underwear of ideology worn by feminists and other young women of the day. Using this swashbuckling scheme of fitness and survival, nature "red in tooth and claw", we could reveal our ideological nemeses as naked mammals on the savannah to be ruled and protected by hunting parties of macho males, rather like us.

Yes, science was fun when it seemed to promise 'stripping' women 'naked' to be 'ruled' by him. But boo, science is all boring and reality-based and stuff.

In actually writing and researching, however, I was alarmed to discover that both sides could play the game... feminists flogged research citing the bonobo and other apes as chiefly matriarchal and frequently homosexual.

Those damn feminists.

Did he raise funds to go off to Africa and put pants on those randy bonobos? No. He turned to religion. Without the drawback of facts or evidence, you can make up any story you want! And the universe becomes a hierarchy with men one step below god, in charge of women! Result!

Throughout the history of human thought, it has been convenient and inspirational to designate the summit of the hierarchy as God. While it is not necessary for science to use this term, it is important for scientists to grasp the hierarchical reality it signifies... Though this new aim may seem blinding at first, it is ultimately redemptive... Accepting hierarchy, the explorer embarks on an adventure that leads to an ever deeper understanding of life and consciousness, cosmos and creation.

Hierarchy you see. Men submit to God - whose pronouncements they can 'hear', and which coincidentally endorse whatever they want to do. In return the whole of nature is supposed to be below them, including the other members of their own species. No wonder they like it better than evolution.
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