Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Feminist wars

There are some wars going on between feminist blogs at the moment in two areas:

- the so-called 'Mommy Wars' where women who have and haven't chosen to stay at home to look after babies criticise each other
- the so called 'Blow Job Wars' (sounds more exciting doesn't it?) where some women say that the emphasis on fellatio as the best kind of sex downplays female pleasure, and other say that it doesn't and both sides get cross

To be fair on all concerned, the latter disagreement was stimulated by an utterly repellent article by Christopher Hitchens about how blowjobs were really great in a smug self-satisfied way that made you want to kill kick him. Can't find a link to it now.

FWIW my take on both of these 'wars' is that they are false wars. The real problem is lack of social power. If we were equal then child care would be valued alongside other work, and women could choose the balance. If we were equal partners then all sex acts would be chosen for positive reasons.

But because women are disempowered, and because our society is so harsh and money/power based, all aspects of life are distorted, including love between men and women and between parents and children.
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