Communicator (communicator) wrote,

On the appearance of sportsmen

Cute footballers:



Italian blue, and red

Guardian TV review said, in praise of last night's CSI, that 'even if Freddie Ljungberg and David Beckham ripped each other's shirts shorts off and wrestled naked on the pitch, they wouldn't have been the sexiest thing on the telly.' A bold claim sir, a bold claim.

Don't you think that Joe Cole and Owen Hargreaves look like Dick and Dom?

ETA - Michael Berube writestoday on his discovery of football:

But in the course of watching Euro 2004 each night, I learned that (or I should say, Janet pointed out that) “football” does have an indisputable advantage over ice hockey in one key area: soccer players are far more handsome than hockey players—in some cases, astonishingly so. When France tied Croatia 2-2 two weeks ago, you could have told me that the Louis Vuitton house squad was playing the Dolce and Gabbana office team, and I’d have believed you. The next night, Italy played Sweden in the rain, which meant that players had to keep sweeping their hands through their hair (and let’s not forget that the international soccer gesture for “I can’t believe I missed” is the hands-through-the-hair, as well), and I’ll be damned if the game didn’t look like a two-hour-long Versace ad.

Anyway, Holland vs Argentina is the one to watch tonight.
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