Communicator (communicator) wrote,

England vs Sweden

England haven't beaten Sweden for thirty eight years, and last night it looked as if we would manage it, but no. Still, we are through with a draw, and we've won the group so we don't have to play Germany next. The first half was well played, but the team looks vulnerable; there isn't the capacity to respond to crises. Joe Cole is fancy-pants with his footwork, and his goal was enormous. Hargreaves looked very useful and determined. Lampard has got to bloody score eventually.

H would like to see Beckham replaced by Lennon, because he thinks he's rubbish. I personally think that Beckham plays a psychological role in tying the team together. I wonder when young Walcott will get a few moments on the pitch.

I was heart-broken to see what happened to Michael Owen. For those who didn't see it, his knee just collapsed in the first minute of the match, looked like the ligaments which hold the bones together gave way. He shifted his weight to his right leg and the knee bent sideways. It looked horrible. He didn't shout or scream, he turned in on himself and - this was the heartbreaking thing - he crawled off the pitch like a wounded animal. Terrible sight. I wonder whether he will ever play professionally again.
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