Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Italy, USA, Czech R, Ghana

I wasn't feeling very well last night and I fell asleep during both World Cup matches, despite them both being very exciting (though I managed to stay awake during Doctor Who of course).

What a set of surprising results! I was rooting for the USA, at those times I was alert at least, and it was terribly hard-fought contest. Italy seemed effortlessly better, in terms of skill, but they took the 'effortlessly' bit too literally at times. And so much bad temper and kicking each other!

I was thrilled to see Ghana doing so very well.

Do the USA stand a chance in their group now? I suppose they do. I kind of hope Ghana kick their asses, but I'll also enjoy it if the USA goes through to the next round.

Anyway, what good fun this World Cup has been do far.

ETA - srk1 says 'I always like to see the US do well in the World Cup, it's the only field of endeavour in which they can be described as cute'. Yes, that's true.

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