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Dalek? Bread?

Aha, I see that the new Doctor Who episode, 'Love and Monsters', has (hem) polarised opinion. I agree with calapine that 'If it happened every week it would be terrible and awful and rubbish... but as a one-off I really enjoyed it.' It made me laugh. I like dumb and pretty guys.

I don't usually like comedy episodes of things, but I thought this one was fine. It was nice to see fandom getting an affectionate leg-pull, and I thought the minor characters were the best bit of it. I quite fancied Colin Skinner. And I've always liked Shirley Henderson. The best thing about RTD's episodes IMHO is the business about ordinary life not being that ordinary, and I think he does it well, makes you believe it (or realise it).

And I did laugh at the blow-job gag. He could have got one off Jackie too. Actually, Jackie was good wasn't she? I don't know why people are making disparaging comments about her: she's a single woman, she can shag whom she wants. Not so keen on the long term prospects for Shirley H living as a lump of concrete with a mouth, but never mind.

Peter Kay showed what he can do, an actor who can effortlessly mutate between characters. I liked having a monster with a Bolton accent.

I like the way that Doctor Who makes quite a bit of mother/child relationships which makes a nice change from the relentless father-fixation of Hollywood.

Non-brit viewers might be interested to know that the Absorbaloff monster was designed by a nine year old who won a Blue Peter competition. Let the circle be unbroken.

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