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England vs Trinidad and Tobago

I wonder if there is other country where the national team could win every match, assure their progression to the next round, without conceding a single goal, and the response is one of such grumpy discontent. Don't get me wrong - I share that discontent. My only consolation is that none of the best teams have really played to their best yet.

I've always rated the T&T captain, Dwight Yorke, since I watched him with my granddad when he was at Villa. He seemed to hold his team together and worked so hard. The Trinidadians held their defence very well, and were watchful for opportunities to break, and made the most of them when they could.

I expected Lampard to score in the way that Gerrard did, and I was obviously very impressed by Terry's clearance, though we should never have got into that position in the first place (obviously).

My prediction is that we manage not to lose to Sweden, meet Ecuador in the quarter finals, beat them with some difficulty, and then lose (to Brazil?) in the semi-finals. But really, that's more than we deserve on present performance, and as I've said before, I was impressed by Ecuador.

ETA - Reading my journal, I can't believe I wrote that. I mean in the second round of course.

BTW steverogerson posts a very funny picture of Peter Crouch, who looks barely human at the best of times. He looks like a figure in torment painted by Hieronymous Bosch (ETA - and in motion.)
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