Communicator (communicator) wrote,

You are now entering... the twilight zone

You must be familiar with the sceptic argument which goes as follows: You are thinking of a friend and they phone - ah but how often are you thinking of that friend and they don't phone, eh?

The thing is, with me and H what happens is that we phone each other at the same time. I walk to the phone to call him and it rings before I can pick it up. I can't quantify that though. It happens with the door too. I walk to the front door and open it, for no particular reason, and H is walking up the path. This happens quite a lot. However, perhaps I subliminally hear his footsteps.

But now it's started happening with emails, and those are easier to quantify than phone calls, and there are no clues.

So, we just sent each other emails in the same minute (actually his at 13.50, mine at 13.51, but less than sixty seconds apart).

The last time I sent him an email was 18th March - we don't email each other hardly ever. Think of how many minutes in all those months. I find that quite a striking coincidence.

To make it more striking, my email was about Blakes holidays and his to me was about Blakes Seven.

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