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The Satan Pit

I enjoyed it. It was not as theological as it might have been. I think Doctor Who has mentioned before that 'the (evil) horned god appears in all mythologies' , and it annoyed me just as much the previous time (the third doc). I know you have to reduce ideas to basics for TV but I would have thought 'the icons of a previous religion get made into the symbols of evil in the new one' was about as basic as you could get.

Leaving religion firmly to one side, then, the episode had a lot to recommend it. It borrowed more or less constantly from 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. I liked to see Rose being authoritative and Ripley-esque. I didn't like to see the Doctor going all soppy about her and nearly saying he was in love with her. Though I like this idea that he is obsessed in a rather perverted way with an alien species (ie us). I'm not sure it all made too much sense, but the characters were very likeable. I'm glad Rose was wrong about needing to stay behind. That is, saving the universe demanded that she be on the escape ship, not making a pointless and miserable sacrifice of herself waiting for the doctor. Let that be a lesson to all sidekicks everywhere.

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