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I was writing a couple of days ago about how I think society treats female sexuality as a bad thing, which needs to be controlled. Several commentators disagreed with me - which of course I like to hear the arguments the other way - I just wanted to post a couple of links to show you the sort of thing I mean.

Human Papilloma Virus causes cervical cancer, and can be sexually transmitted. The good news is that the vaccine Gardasil protects against it. The bad news is that there is a lobby to try to prevent the vaccine being distributed in the US, on the basis that fear of cancer prevents women from having sex (and this is supposedly a good thing). Here is a New Scientist article on it.

So women having sex is worse than them dying of cancer.

Here's another one. Dana L is a married woman in her forties who wrote an article in the Washington Post about how she accidentally got pregnant (through her own admitted carelessness). She tried to get a drug to prevent ovulation. But the drug is restricted, in case it encourages women to have sex. Details here.

Here are some comments made about this woman's story. Remember this is a married woman in her forties, who had sex with her husband.

Her lack of control is what causes such catastrophes in life.

ALL! pregnancy and most STD can be prevented with abstinence. Wow, what a concept. It seems to me that a lawyer should be able to sue somebody for this, maybe the company that builds beds

She should have thought about all this before banging her husband. That is what swallowing is for.

(comments linked from here)

I could post dozens of these stories. Bans on contraception and restrictions on methods which prevent sexually transmitted diseases don't make sense unless you are trying to stop women having sex. Including married women.

(Marriage isn't a crucial factor to me, I'm just explaining that this isn't an argument about whether sex should be restricted to marriage. The argument is that all sex is bad.)
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