Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Equal likes

'The thesis is simple, and almost everyone disagrees with it upon first hearing.... but I find (it) a surprisingly strong predictor of human behavior and inclination.'

The symmetry thesis: A given person likes you as much as you like him or her.

What do you think? He's right that one's first reaction is 'no way!'

But I think the thesis can be tightened up a bit with two caveats:

- discount 'celebrities' and other big names: people whom you feel you know well, but who don't know you at all.
- try to discount physical attraction, which surely is not symmetrical, and just think about personal affection and liking

If you take these exceptions out, perhaps the thesis is quite strong. And also quite a pleasant thought.

'Do I want to know how much you like me? It is simple. I imagine how much I like you.'

But what do you think? is this a delusion? A justification for stalking? A nice idea that just isn't true in practice? Or might there be something in it?

metafilter discussion and amusing graph here.
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