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I've been reading my f-list and a lot seems to have happened while I was on hols. I seem to have missed this business about deleting your livejournal to protest the breastfeeding icon ban or something.

I did breastfeed, and I didn't go to the toilet with my baby to do it, as some people think we should. So I kind of feel I've done my bit. I don't feel that worked up about the lj thing, as I think it only applies to default icons? I think the lj owners are being rather idiotic, but I honestly don't feel too much emotion about it. I'm not criticising people who have decided to delete-for-a-day, and I think it's an excellent protest strategy, but I hope people don't think this ex-booby-barer is too square if I just let the whole thing pass me by.

What do you think about it? Are you going to delete your journal?
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