Communicator (communicator) wrote,

God save the queen, the fascist regime

Someone posted the 'Top 50 Right-wing Rock songs' (that's a link to a discussion as the actual list is now off-line) including (bizarrely) 'Rock the casbah' and 'Born in the USA' - way to misinterpret the meaning of a song, fellas.

#1 was 'Won't get Fooled Again' which could be counted as a reactionary song, IMHO. Most of the rest are either rubbish c&w dirges, or aren't conservative at all.

There are some right-wing rock songs: 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'Spirit in the Sky' and 'Tax man' for instance.

Got any songs you would link to your political affiliation or to your enemies'? (My mind has as usual gone quite blank). Does it put you off if a song embodies politics you don't like?

ETA - the more I think about it, the songs I like aren't quite aligned with my politics, they are all 'get pissed, destroy', and nothing on support for basic infrastructure
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